Preschool Applications available here. You may also contact the Vice President for Enrollment ( with any questions.

A child is placed on the waiting list upon receipt of the application and a non-refundable $40 application fee. Parents are contacted as space becomes available.

Enrollment priority is given to siblings and Chapel of the Cross parishioners, in that order.  Preference is given to children already enrolled regarding the change or addition of days.

Any child will be accepted without regard to race, sex or religion. A child entering the two-, three-, or four-year-old class must turn that age on or before August 31st of that school year in order to enroll. The determination of whether or not a child with special needs will be admitted to the Preschool will be made on an individual basis by the Director, in consultation with the child’s parents, the child’s physician, and appropriate Preschool personnel. An effort is made to maintain ethnic, gender and economic diversity in the group.

Tuition for 2020-2021

Tuesday/Thursday 8:15-12:15 = $240 per month (12 month supply fee =$120)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:15-12:15 = $340 per month (12 month supply fee = $135)

Monday-Friday 8:15-12:15 = $550 per month (12 month supply fee = $150)

There are numerous benefits that make PCC one of the most desirable preschools in Chapel Hill. Our longer school day (4 hours), our year round schedule, and our amazing staff, just to mention a few.


Scholarship assistance is available to qualifying families from the Leonard Day Scholarship Fund on a year-to-year basis. To learn more about scholarship availability, please contact for information or an application. Ongoing fundraising supports scholarships for PCC families demonstrating need.

Updated: February 2020