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Link Up!

One way (and a really amazingly easy way at that) we raise money for the school is to link up your Harris Teeter VIC Card with the code for PCC.  Our code is 3041.  Just visit the Harris Teeter site and Link Up!

Happy Kids, Happy Families: A Great Place to Start

When you visit the Preschool at the Chapel of the Cross (PCC), you’re sure to find bright eyed, energetic preschoolers laughing, playing and learning. They may be cuddled up in the lap of a teacher reading a story. Or budding artists may be painting, gluing and drawing in their own world of creativity. Or you may find them building forts in the sand, swinging, climbing or sliding outside in the sunshine. No matter what busy activity they’re pursuing, they’re having loads of fun at PCC!

At PCC, we strive to

  • Provide age-appropriate education for young children to guide them towards a positive self-image and to promote acceptable social and emotional behavior

  • Support working parents by caring for their children outside the home

  • Provide services to children of low-income and minority families

PCC is located in the back of the Chapel of the Cross Episcopal Church at 304 East Franklin Street next to the Morehead Planetarium in downtown Chapel Hill.