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week of Feb 5-9, 2018

Ah – February at last…… Valentines and have you noticed that it is staying light outside just a bit longer now? We will be working on Valentines this week, and next. We will be sending out a class name list this week. Because this sweet celebration falls on our teacher workday (spoiler alert – next Wednesday! !), we will have our classroom fun on Mon and Tues. These bunnies are maturing so fast – the level of group, interactive play, versus parallel play, has exploded!!! Running and imaginary play in groups……we love it!!! Thank you all for your excellent layering of clothing during this cold season. And, as a reminder, we wash hands frequently and suggest this practice continue at home!

last notice in 2017

To ALL the parents of PCC, I (and Phoebe) would like the say THANK YOU for your very generous contribution towards our Christmas gift.
As the 2018 school year approaches, and with this VERY frigid weather, we would like to remind parents that it is time to switch out warm weather extra clothing (in each child’s cubby) for more appropriate cold weather attire. A long sleeved shirt, long pants, and socks would be perfect! We may not spend much time outside this week, when the High Temp may only reach the mid-30’s, but when it moderates, we will. So, we suggest dressing in layers. Shirt, sweater and warm coat. Warm boots or closed toe shoes. We have extra mittens and hats. It may also be time to bring in more diapers, we will be taking an inventory this week.
The upcoming themes will include easel painting, various snowman and gingerbread activities, bird feeders
(and maybe some hot coco…..).
We hope that ever family had a fun break, and we look forward to getting back into the groove!!!

mid-December 2017

HO-HO-HO!!!!! It’s finally that busiest time of the year! The Bunnies are VERY busy working on stockings, reindeer, glittery trees, and a few surprises. All will be sent home before school ends Dec 20th. As a reminder, we go out every day, even if it is cold, so please be sure to dress your wee one warmly. Layers work great, we are fine with taking on and off as needed. AND, LABEL, LABEL, LABEL!!!!! Our diaper supply is good through these last 2 weeks of school, but please remember to bring in more when we return in January.

Fall Fun Activities

The Bunnies loved seeing the firefighters and going on the truck and wearing the fire hats.

The Bunnies have enjoyed having fun with pumpkins. We carved a pumpkin, we painted pumpkins and we glued faces on pumpkins and made jack-o-lanterns. We also made pumpkin cup cakes and sang pumpkin songs.

Trick -or-treating was fun for some and a bit new for others but we made it through with lots treats.

Check out some fun photos below and the activity sheet for next week.