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We had a fun week of different cooking activities last week! We made smoothies, brownies, pancakes, banana muffins, and individual pizzas. It was a delicious week and everyone loved getting a chance to cook.

Rescue Squad!

BIG THANKS to Catie’s mom and dad, Josh and Christy, who came on Friday and told the kids all about the work they do on the rescue squad. It was the perfect ending to our community helpers unit and the kids were fascinated!

We’ve been having lots of fun the past few weeks. All kinds of activities and playing going on in the Birds’ class! On the playground this spring we have had a bird nest in our play structure.  The eggs hatched and the babies have flown away and we were able to see one of the babies when he first left the nest one day, which was very exciting. Last week we had the chance to take a quick bus ride also, which the children greatly enjoyed. Next up we will be camping!


week of Feb 26-March 2, 2018

Oh my gosh, Thank You, Thank You, Phoebe and I are certainly feeling the Love sent to us! This week we made and ate our own personal pizza’s… yum, yum. This coming week we are going to start our famous auction paintings. This is a multi-day and weeks activity, using many mediums, colors, and our special bunny imaginations! Stay tuned.