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Updates from the Birds Classroom

Easter fun

The Birds had a great week doing lots of fun Easter activities and crafts. We made baskets, dyed eggs, did some fun dot-to-dots, and even busted out the glitter to make a sparkly disaster of the classroom! We didn’t get many pictures this week, but we do have a couple from the morning it snowed and we took a walk in the arboretum to enjoy it!

Next week is spring break—have a great break and we will see you back on Tuesday, April 3rd!

Our Week In Pictures

Check out our fun week!

Canvas work included rolling tissue paper into teensy-tiny little balls and then using them to make cardinals on our canvas.


These girls love the new typewriter that appeared in class this week.

Margaret is talking on the phone. She says “you’re kidding me!”
Violet is sending a text.


“Ms. Anne, take our picture!”

Next week will be all kinds of Easter fun!

Shapes everywhere

This week we talked about all different kinds of shapes. We discussed how we can see shapes everywhere and that we can make so many things from shapes. The kids enjoyed making their own creations out of shapes and doing some marble painting on different shapes of paper. We also got more work done on our canvas for the auction–started painting paper brown to make tree branches out of and everyone painted their own flower to be a part of the dogwood tree we are making on our canvas. It was a busy week! Next week we will continue with our canvas work and also have a little St. Patrick’s Day fun thrown in there.

A week of Dr. Seuss and rhyming words

This week we read lots of Dr. Seuss books and used lots of rhyming words!

Ms Anne wore her Cat in the Hat hat at every circle time this week

Working on making Cat in the Hat hats to take home

Playing the Uncle Wiggly game

Some dress up time! Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 (or 2)!

Making Thing 1 or Thing 2

Even when it wasn’t circle time the kids wanted to read Dr. Seuss!

Matching rhyming words

A little math work

Building away…we are a class of builders!




Reading together