August 13-17 2018

Oh my gosh, here we are at the last two weeks of this school year, and hasn’t it just flown by! Every single Bunny has grown and flourished, made good friends and will hopefully continue to make good choices in all areas of their young lives. Phoebe and I love and will miss each and every child, no matter where this coming year takes them, into the Bears class or another school. We will miss all of you wonderful parents as well. Whatever you are doing with and for your child(ren), it is exactly what you should be doing, because these little ones are healthy, happy, and thriving. There have been major changes this past year – language, self-help and independence (!) And potty success. The biggest changes you will see this coming year will be, in my opinion, #1 – their social skills: there will be a big shift from parallel play to full on interactive and community play – new and “best” friends will become important, and #2 – their even stronger sense of self and an emerging (or in some cases expanding) confidence. We wish the very best to each and all, and hope that we are not forgotten too soon!