July 16-20, 2018

Oh these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…… Last week in the Bunnies we painted and glued pictures of watermelon. And then we ate some! YUMMY!! Some of the little ones have been working VERY hard on putting on their own socks and shoes. We applaud them and encourage parents to continue this surprisingly difficult coordination effort at home. We will be enjoying our annual BEACH DAY this coming Friday, the 20th. We suggest applying sunscreen at home and sending kids in their bathing suits. Please include a usual snack, dry clothes and a LABELED towel. We will have plenty of fun activities and fluids on hand. If your child comes only Tues or Thurs, they are welcome to attend WITH a parent (or grandparent). Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate siblings. We are happy to discuss your sweet one’s progress this year with an end-of-year conference. If you prefer an early morning slot, please talk to either Phoebe or Deborah and we will make it happen! Again, if you have vacation plans, please let us know, it helps us with our planning.