Oceans and Pets and Moving On…Oh My!

The Birds have had a busy past three weeks! Sorry we haven’t had a chance to post, but we’ll share with you some of the fun we have had. We spent two weeks talking about oceans and ocean creatures.  We painted seashells, made some fun seahorses, jellyfish, ocean scenes and even a few classroom collaborated ocean scenes. The children really enjoyed playing with all the ocean animals in different centers.

This past week we talked about pets.  We talked about the different pets we each have at our houses and made and illustrated a classroom chart of different kinds of pets.  There was a little veterinarian set-up in the classroom that everyone loved getting a turn playing with, plus cat and dog puppets to make…and more. The day the crane came to remove the branch from the arboretum we couldn’t use the playground so we took a walk over to the Old Well and played under the trees there for a little bit.

In the midst of all of this there was much preparation and then the presentation of our Moving On Ceremony! We were so proud of the hard work the children put into the program and what a good job they did! We hope you enjoyed it and thank you for being there!

Next week we are closed and when we return we will be talking about exotic pets!

Here are some pics from the past few weeks: