last notice in 2017

To ALL the parents of PCC, I (and Phoebe) would like the say THANK YOU for your very generous contribution towards our Christmas gift.
As the 2018 school year approaches, and with this VERY frigid weather, we would like to remind parents that it is time to switch out warm weather extra clothing (in each child’s cubby) for more appropriate cold weather attire. A long sleeved shirt, long pants, and socks would be perfect! We may not spend much time outside this week, when the High Temp may only reach the mid-30’s, but when it moderates, we will. So, we suggest dressing in layers. Shirt, sweater and warm coat. Warm boots or closed toe shoes. We have extra mittens and hats. It may also be time to bring in more diapers, we will be taking an inventory this week.
The upcoming themes will include easel painting, various snowman and gingerbread activities, bird feeders
(and maybe some hot coco…..).
We hope that ever family had a fun break, and we look forward to getting back into the groove!!!