October fun, wks 16-20, 23-27

First, I would like to Thank all the Bunnies parents (and my wonderful co-teachers) for a most terrific birthday week, including cupcakes and fruit, gift cards, flowers, and a workday breakfast spread that will keep me full for days! Your children are having so much fun, and keep us in stitches! We have lots of boys this year, so buses, firetrucks, and cars zoom through the room on a regular basis. We have fingerpainted, handprinted, glued our way well into fall. A Carrboro firetruck will be on site Monday. Halloween is right around the corner, we will celebrate on Tues (31st) AND Wed (Nov 1st) for those who wish to wear a costume. Activities include a costume parade, Trick or Treating in house, and making cupcakes. Every year, for Thanksgiving, our class puts together individual THANKFUL placemats. We request photos from each child, including parents, siblings, grandparents, pets, vacation memories, etc. The kids love them! We need these by the first week of November, as they take a while to complete, and we want to send them home by Thanksgiving.