Birds’ News (Fall Newsletter)

In September, we are studying animals and bugs. We learned about wild and domestic animals, where they live, and what they eat. Our bugs included bees and butterflies. October has us looking at cats, both wild and domestic, and colors: sorting, naming, and matching. The end of the month will cover dragons and dinosaurs, and then creatures centering around Halloween.

In November, we will concentrate on exercise, food, and gardens. Each area will have art project emphasizing the letters each topic begins with as well as stories related to the letter. Please ask your child which letter the art projects begin with, and how they relate to our topic of study. At present, we are spending two weeks on each letter, but soon we will do a letter a week. Do ask your child how we “doodle “ letters—they each have a notebook containing completed letters. Also, just a reminder to send in a photo of your child and the family…we plan to make a “family wall” with all the photographs.

In the coming month, our class will go to Maple View Farm. There will be a hay ride, a walk by the animals, and, of course, ice cream. We also move into our new school!! Many of you were able to see the new facilities after the school picnic. See you there.

Kris and Elvira