Birds News (Summer Newsletter)

The Birds are finishing their alphabet books. They begin by “doodling” on the letter which is a series of 4 doodles including echo, stripes, spikes, bubbles, and then practicing the letter. Once this is completed each child paints his/her letter. June is our “moving on” ceremony on Friday, June 13. The rest of June we will complete our Father’s Day projects, create a sea urchin, and study the ocean.

July brings celebrations for the 4th and America the beautiful, the beach, and sea creatures. Many of you will visit our sea shores, and we would welcome any sea shells, driftwood, or coral! In August we will study animal families. Several animals have different names for their family groups and for their babies. We shall say goodbye to our present Birds as we wish them every success in their adventures at their new schools. In September, we will welcome our new Birds into our classroom.

Have a healthy and happy summer!