Birds’ News (Spring Newsletter)

In March we are concentrating on our auction canvases; they are both coming along nicely. We celebrated St Patrick’s Day complete with shamrocks, leprechauns, and pieces of gold and we enjoyed our treat of chocolate chip cupcakes.  In between snow days, we have introduced the four seasons and worked on our doodles for letters “J, K, and L”.

April brings the transition to spring (hopefully, we are leaving any snow and ice behind) along with our learning about the seasons, the twelve months of the year, weather, and Easter. We plan to start some seeds in the classroom and perhaps make a terrarium. Our letters will be “M, N, and O”.

May will include May Day celebrations, butterflies, and Mother’s Day projects. Our seedlings should be strong enough to go outdoors.  We can watch them grow and learn about the sun, soil, and rain and how these elements influence our plants.  Our letters of emphasis in May will be “P, Q, R, and S”.